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Introducing Our New Radiant Technology

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“Radiant” is the new technology that makes us the market leader.

As we grow larger and larger and we design our data centers with more foresight and knowledge about the mining business, we are able to make improvements to our data center design that drastically decrease need for manual labor. To achieve the best performing mining system, our team carefully broke down every component that goes into mining:

  • Data center facilities
  • Location
  • Supply chain
  • Miners and power units
  • Cooling systems and
  • our Farm Management Solution (BTC Miner Hive)

From there, we reimagined what the perfect mining solution would look like and finally, after thousands of man hours, the solution was ready.

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High-End Mining Hardware
Leading Cryptocurrency Mining Performance
The next generation of large-scale mining farms
The perfect locations for mining

01High-End Mining Hardware

All new mining hardware that runs with our Radiant Tech was designed and produced for maximum efficiency. It specifically fits our need for easy handling, fast deployment, and effective maintenance.

The final product is what allowing us to build the most efficient operations that we’ve ever achieved and at the same time to scale up massively if required.

02Leading Cryptocurrency Mining Performance

Our self developed monitoring system BTC Miner Hive has matured to become an all-in-one software for miner deployment, maintenance and administration. It is a state of the art tool that enables automation to the point where the only human interaction needed inside our data centers is replacement of damaged or otherwise faulty hardware.

03The next generation of large-scale mining farms

A perfect monitoring system would not bring much to the table without a high-density built out data center. Every detail is aligned between building and software. Besides perfect matching, our team has carefully planned and built every single inch of the facility to allow for maximum capacity.

04The perfect locations for mining

Both our data centers in Iceland and Sweden are powered by geothermal and hydro-electric energy. In addition to the cold climate in which we build our data centers, they employ temperature control systems and efficient airflow management cuts down power costs significantly. We design our data centers layout in a way so that thermodynamics does its job and we have as little cost as possible with cooling.

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